Oil is produced (extracted) using different methods depending on geology and location. After recovering the oil, it is sent to refineries to create refined products we use every day, such as gasoline.



The pipeline network in Canada and elsewhere is a mode of transportation for products and resources. However, natural gas, biofuels, and liquid petroleum are the most often transported items for energy needs.



Morgan Oil and Gas Inc. has 160,000 barrels per day (bbls/d) of throughput capacity, including about 90,000 bbls/d of heavy oil capacity, and increases our total downstream refining capacity to about 740,000 bbls/d.

Save The Planet!

Many might choke at the suggestion Big Oil could play a key role in saving the climate. But, culpability for past actions aside, it is worth considering how fossil fuel interests might be recruited to combat global warming. International commitments to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 leave less than three decades to achieve monumental change. A healthy dose of pragmatism will be essential. Allowing time for new technologies to emerge might not be enough. Consumers will be reluctant to switch from familiar fossil fuels to untried or inconvenient new technologies with limited infrastructure – even if they are cheaper. By the same token, new fuel infrastructures will not become competitive unless they achieve scale, meaning existing infrastructures will enjoy scale-related cost advantages unless sufficient users migrate to the new technologies.

We Provide Energy ...

To many clients such as governments, Multinationals and Major Oil and Gas Conglomerates.
Awesome Employees

Our Human Resources Department are well versed in the complexities and requirements that the industry demands when it comes to getting the right people into the right roles to ensure success. Team spirit is at the core of our business.

Oil Exploration

We presently have crude oil exploration contracts in Africa since the discovery of significant reserves in Angola, Nigeria, and Ghana. This has bolstered the continent’s economy and improved the wellbeing of the citizenry.

Oil Resources

We explore for hydrocarbon exploration through our team of petroleum geologists and geophysicists for deposits of hydrocarbons, particularly petroleum and natural gas, in the Earth's crust using petroleum geology.

Continues Development

We have made major progress in oil and gas exploration in terms of reserves, number of oil and gas fields and discovery of large oilfields analyzed, trend and progress of global oil and gas exploration. We are on top of things.

Chemical Analysis

From determining suitability for refineries to assessing environmental damage after a spill, analytical instruments and techniques are used for a wide variety of oil analysis applications.

We Fight Polution

We strictly comply with the EPA’s Clean Air Act regulations for the oil and natural gas industry which help combat climate change and reduce air pollution that harms public health.

We Think About The Consumer

The law of supply and demand affects the oil industry by determining the price of ``black gold.`` Expectations about the price of oil are the major determining factors in how companies allocate their resources.

We Care About Environment

Here are several ways the oil and gas industry is approaching sustainability.
Improving Freshwater Usage, Streamlining Processes, More Used Oil Recycling, Reducing Methane Leaks.

Latest Projects

We are presently involved in the largest oil and gas construction projects initiated globally since the Q2 2022, according to GlobalData’s construction projects database.

We prevent the waste and spills from oil and gas hydrocarbons, heavy metals, radioactive material, salts and toxic chemicals, all of which have the potential to damage soils and vegetation directly, and eventually groundwater.

Latest Industry News

Crude oil is used to make the petroleum products we use to fuel airplanes, cars, and trucks; to heat homes; and to make products such as medicines and plastics.

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